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DAY 1 | Saturday October 23rd | Participants are expected to abide by our Safer Spaces Policy


1:00pm | “Traded Fairly” w/ Andrew Jervis of Bandcamp, moderated by Debaser presents a unique and competitive model for streaming services for both artists and consumers. Andrew Jervis from Bandcamp will review the origins of the platform as a creative-entrepreneurial project, its philosophy around the value of artistic work and fair-trade music policies, and educational tools built into the user experience.  


What can we learn from Bandcamp’s success stories, and strategies to support artists during the pandemic, and how can this be exported across other artistic disciplines? 

- - -

3:00pm | Rights and Obligations: Navigating Brave New Digital Worlds w/ IMAA x DARC 

The pandemic saw a global increase in the digital distribution of media and art as we shared and relied heavily on artists to inspire, entertain, or distract us. Every time an artist's work is shown, it should be remunerated accordingly, however, there are currently few standards and fee schedules that consider the complexities of digital distribution, leaving artists and presenters to adapt current guidelines, such as CARFAC or SECAN. IMAA is addressing this gap through the development of a new fee schedule and best-practices document that explores online accessibility, artist consent, IP management and Indigenous cultural property.  


Our conversations include:    

• Know Your Rights: Learn the language, skills and tools necessary to negotiate and advocate for yourself as an artist. How do you navigate the wide range of contexts your art can be shown and your rights for the reproduction of content? While digital innovation and capacity creates new opportunities, what do you need to remember to protect the value of your work and ensure quality of experience for your audience?  


• Know Your Obligations: Organizations and presenters like festivals have been innovating in exciting and experiential ways to showcase work digitally and make offerings more accessible (closed captioning). As technology and consumer interest in consuming art this way advances, what do presenters need to know to ensure artists are treated equitably?  

- - -

6:00pm | Just Try (Launching an Online Arts Publication) 

So you wanna start your own online arts publication? What does it mean to be “for artists by artists?” Join us as we learn from the trials, tribulations, and triumphs of and   


In conversation with Apt613, we will explore creating and sustaining a DIY online arts publication that provides forward-thinking journalism, accessible resources, and creative opportunities to local arts scenes, while transcending geographical barriers.



DAY 2 | Monday October 25th | Participants are expected to abide by our Safer Spaces Policy 



1:00pm | Future Proofing: Takeaways and Best Practices w/ Invest Ottawa 

Invest Ottawa’s Digital Mainstreet program has supported local independent and creative businesses navigate pandemic-disruption through digital strategies and transformative support and expertise.  We will chat with participants about key learnings, e-commerce, and the advice they have for you to future-proof your practice.


- - -

3:00pm | Familiar Frequencies: Community Radio Today 

Ottawa Community Campus Radio Stations CKCU and CHUO exchange with Guelph’s CRFU on archiving our cultural past while embracing change and staying relevent. How do creatives access resources and community through the airwaves?

- - -

6:00pm | Sourdough: Radical Imagination and Opening Artistic Spaces 

What does it take to open artistic spaces for your community? How do we humanize art-making through alternative models — decolonizing art practices, centering historically marginalized artists and radically imagining culture and society as they should be.  We will address the “why” and “how” with our Sourdough panelists: Jacqui Du Toit, Debbie Owusu-Akyeeah, Zainab Muse, Mariam Zohouri, M Southwood, Analisa Kiskis, moderated by Nickie Shobeiry




Artpreneur 2021

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